Damon Albarn at Coachella: ‘This Is Probably Our Last Gig’

While performing at weekend two of Coachella, Damon Albarn of Blur noted “in the spirit of clarity and truth, this is probably our last gig.”

Albarn reportedly followed the comment up by saying it was “no reflection of Coachella,” which he described as “beautiful,” according toThe Desert Sun.

Blur also performed at the first weekend of Coachella, where Albarn was visibly unhappy with the crowd’s lackluster response.

“You’ll never see us again so you might as well fucking sing it,” he said during their 1994 hit “Girls & Boys.” The moment went so viral that Liam Gallagher, the primary singer for Blur’s ’90s Britpop rival Oasis, weighed in on the matter online.

“You can’t force people to sing along do your gig,” he wrote, “and zip it that’s what I do you’ll never hear me complaining.”

Despite his announcement about it being a “last gig,” Albarn appeared in better spirits during the second weekend’s set. “The second week is music fans, people who appreciate music,” he said.

Last December, Albarn told the French publicationLes Inrockuptiblesthat he’d reached a point that was “too much for me,” but was leaving the door open for the continuation of Blur.

“It is time to wrap up this campaign,” he said (via NME). “It was the right thing to do and an immense honor to play these songs again, spend time with these guys, make an album [The Ballad of Darren], blah-blah-blah. I’m not saying I won’t do it again, it was a beautiful success, but I’m not dwelling on the past.”

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