Harvard Students and Professors Protest Against Israel and US – Chant “Intifada, Come to America!” (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

Harvard students, supported by their Professors in full regalia, are currently calling for the “intifada, come to America!” These students and faculty and are not just antisemitic, but anti-American.

Station 24 responded to the calls to war: “The chilling chant of ‘Intifada, come to America’ by Harvard students and faculty, backed by their professors, marks a dark moment in academia, where hate and violence are advocated over peace and understanding, undermining the very fabric of our society and the values of higher learning.”

Today’s protest at the Johnston Gate was organized by the Boston Liberation Center and Party for Socialism and Liberation.

What is it with the Red and Green Alliance? They both hate Jews and America. They both want America destroyed.

The last time there was an intifada a thousand Jews and their children were murdered.

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