Kourtney Kardashian’s ‘2-Minute Makeup’ Routine Features This $30 Concealer

Kourtney Kardashian wears a lot of hats. From mother to T.V. personality and business owner, the 44-year-old socialite is busy to say the least. While we’ve all known and loved her children Mason, Penelope and Reign for many years, the newly married Kardashian Barker just welcomed a new baby, Rocky, into the mix. With four kids and a business to run, its safe to assume that, nowadays Kourt doesn’t have too much time when it comes to her self-care routine.

Confirming our guess, Kourt took to Instagram this morning to showcase what she calls her “2-minute hair and makeup with a baby.” With only 120 seconds to herself, Kardashian Barker revealed that she’s got the mom-makeup routine down to a science, relying on tried-and-true staple products like this cult-classic $30 concealer.

Kourtney’s Favorite Concealer

Posing in the mirror rocking a tan trench coat and effortlessly sexy wet hair, Kardashian Barker revealed to followers that her 2-minute mommy makeup routine is as follows. Step one: “dab of Kosas Revealer Concealer ($30).” Step two: curl lashes, fluff up the brows and apply one generous coat of mascara. Step three: a swipe of Kylie Cosmetics Gloss Drip ($18) in clear. And, in just a few steps, that just about summarizes the star’s makeup routine.




In terms of hair, Kardashian wrote that, as part of this mom-on-the-go lifestyle, her hair is “wet left to dry however it wants,” but today she decided to tuck it into her coat for a quick and easy style. Relatable, Kourt, relatable.

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