The Black Crowes Kick Off ‘Happiness Bastards’ Tour In Nashville

Following a couple of intimate warm-up shows, the Black Crowes finally kicked off theirHappiness Bastards tour in style.

The opening night of the new tour was Tuesday, April 2, at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville — and there was a little something in the setlist for everyone.

The Black Crowes covered a lot of ground during the 17-song set, including playing several tracks from Happiness Bastards, their first studio album in 15 years: “Bedside Manners,” “Rats and Clowns,” “Flesh Wound,” “Wanting and Waiting,” “Cross Your Fingers” and “Wilted Rose.”

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Before they started “Wilted Rose,” Chris Robinson brought outLainey Wilsonto join him onstage; Wilson is also featured on the studio track of “Wilted Rose.” After wrapping that up, she stuck around to help out with one more tune, the classic “She Talks to Angels.”

Two of the many highlights of the night included a couple of raucous performances of beloved tracks from 1992’sThe Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, “Morning Song” and “Thorn In My Pride.”

Surprisingly, songs fromAmoricawere nowhere to be found in the setlist, but the Black Crowes did pull out a couple of surprises, including “I Ain’t Hiding” fromBefore the Frost…Until the Freezeand “Kickin’ My Heart Around” fromBy Your Side.

When Rich Robinson joined Chuck Armstrong onLoudwire Nights recently, he told Chuck about “Kickin’ My Heart Around,” “I think it’s one of those that I always forget about. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is great to play,’ you know what I mean?”

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The night wrapped up with an explosive cover of the Velvet Underground‘s “White Light/White Heat” — and it’s worth noting the Black Crowes looked to David Bowie‘s version of the song for their own inspiration.

You can find the rest of the Black Crowes’Happiness Bastardstour dates here and make sure to check out the full setlist and photos from the opening night below.

Listen to Rich Robinson on Loudwire Nights

Listen to Chris Robinson on Loudwire Nights

The Black Crowes — April 2, 2024 — Nashville, Tenn.

1. “Bedside Manners”
2. “Rats and Clowns”
3. “Twice as Hard”
4. “My Morning Song”
5. “Cross Your Fingers”
6. “Wanting and Waiting”
7. “Hard to Handle”
8. “Kickin’ My Heart Around”
9. “Wilted Rose” (featuring Lainey Wilson)
10. “She Talks to Angels (featuring Lainey Wilson)
11. “I Ain’t Hiding”
12. “Flesh Wound”
13. “Sting Me”
14. “Thorn In My Pride”
15. “Jealous Again”
16. “Remedy”

17. “White Light/White Heat”

The Black Crowes ‘Happiness Bastards’ Tour Opening Night – Photos

Gallery Credit: Kristen Drum

The Black Crowes’ ‘Happiness Bastards’ Album Release Performance

Photos from The Black Crowes’ Amazon Music City Sessions performance in celebration of their new album Happiness Bastards.

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