“Try and Milk a Bull and See How that Goes” – Kari Lake Dunks All Over New York Times Reporter in Iowa and Makes Remarks Mocking Gender Ideology While Milking a Cow (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

Credit: Benny Johnson Twitter screenshot

Kari Lake visited the Iowa State Fair on Friday and was photographed by reporters milking a cow. Unsurprisingly, Lake could not resist taking the opportunity to epically troll the corporate press.

Lake made some comments challenging a New York Times reporter to follow her example, which set X (formally Twitter) on fire, particularly from conservatives. As the Blaze noted, Lake also made remarks mocking leftist gender ideology.

She helpfully reminded reporters of a basic biological fact in life: there are only two genders. Liberals have, of course, abandoned biological reality.

Lake then challenged the reporter and one from the Washington Post to milk a bull, which is impossible.

One could say this entire episode was the funniest moment at the fair so far.


Lake: Which one of you is from the New York Times?


Lake: You know there’s only two genders, right?

Reporter: I just…

Lake: There’s only two genders and they know it in Iowa. I challenge the New York Times reporter and the Washington Post reporter to try and milk a cow and then try and milk a bull and see how that goes.

Talk about a mic drop. Who would not pay money to see a leftist “reporter” try this?

Lake’s based and hilarious comments had conservatives, including Benny Johnson, absolutely rolling.

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