Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2024 Is Here

Read your sign’s 2024 horoscope to see what’s in store for you this year, or check out theSagittarius personality profile.

Happy March, Sagittarius. This month brings potential conflicts thanks to a tumultuous eclipse and Pallas retrograde, but also a deepening of relationships and spiritual understanding. Do you think you can handle it? During February, your horoscope suggested that opportunities for abundance may be coming your way. Astrologers often feel at an impasse when talking about money. It’s tricky to promise anything in the economy, but some transits do indicate opulence.

One such cosmically favorable moment comes when divine messenger Mercury moves into fellow fire sign Aires on Saturday, March 9. This is favorable for any professional or money negotiations. Remember that you’re more likely to get things — whether it’s a raise, a new gig, or a better work/life balance — if you ask for it. However, be mindful of how you ask for it. Aires is represented by the archer and, at times, you shoot before you think. Don’t forget that planning and poise are your friends, not foes.

There’s a new moon, which is the lunar phase associated with fresh starts, in dreamy Pisces and your 4th House of Home and Family on Sunday, March 10. Who’s up for some spring cleaning? Decluttering and organizing your living space can have a big effect on your entire mood, aiding in increasing both calm and productivity. These fresh starts can apply to relationships too: When romantic Venus moves into Pisces and your 4th House on Monday, March 11, someone in your life starts to feel like family. Perhaps a romantic relationship deepens, or you gain the trust of a colleague you respect at work.

You’re a hardworking and generous sign, but even archers get the blues. Or, more accurately, sometimes you can focus on what’s giving you anxiety instead of what makes you happy — even if you’d never admit it. When the sun moves into Aries season on Tuesday, March 19, which happens to mark the Spring Equinox and is also considered the astrological new year, your assignment is to practice some gratitude. Making actual gratitude lists can really work. Noticing the good around you makes you happier, Sag.

With maintaining the peace in mind, watch out for fights when the warrior planet Mars moves into Pisces and your 4th House on Friday, March 22. This transit might make you more susceptible to feeling annoyed by your favorite people. If someone you love is getting on your nerves, try to step back and think before you speak. Is it really worth starting drama over, or should you practice letting things go? Continue to follow this advice on and around the chaotic full moon and lunar eclipse in Libra and your 11th House of Friendship on Monday, March 25. Make sure you’re well-fed and well-rested, and try to stay off social media. The vibe will be tense, not just for you but for everyone. Eclipses can lead to unexpected changes that we don’t always want. Use this celestial event to kick back and relax at home.

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